Puppies and dogs aplenty

The brand new calendar for 2018 featuring actual puppies has almost sold out. I kid you not! Almost unbelievable cuteness could be yours – all year round. And a second volume of Dogs of Deal is being created right now in time for your Christmas stocking needs.
Order now (get 15% off for all three or 10% off for both books). Some of the profit will go to local dog charities.

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Selling doggedly!



















I thought the sales of Dogs of Deal would pretty much be over after Christmas but it’s still going strong. Online sales have come from London, Bristol, Bournemouth and beyond. Which is intriguing. The last sale came through this link, which is rather delightful. Many thanks to http://weloveirishterriers.com/ (and Doreen).

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Dogs of Deal

It’s the book they said would never be published (or was that should?)! Either which way, it’s here and it’s a glorious celebration of a tiny proportion of the many excellent dogs in the remote seaside town of Deal. And a percentage of any profits will go to local charity Futures for Dogs.

Buy yours now!

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More of what we do


Copy by Claire favicon




















We’ve recently launched another new website, brand logo and look – this time for business copywriting service Copy by Claire. A brainstorming session at CP towers sent us down a Scrabble tile path cul de sac but we eventually settled on a good old-fashioned typewriter to convey the message (the words are what’s important). Fortunately, a 1950’s Royal happened to be on hand.. a bit of jiggery pokery later and the site was built. It’s getting a very positive response and we’re particular pleased with Claire’s business cards which, thanks to Instantprint who did not only a speedy but a rather sumptuous job.

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A triumvirate of publications

Not one, not two, but three pieces of work flew the nest this week – two for online consumption, and one for print. The two new brochures for Simon Orrell Designs have been a long time in gestation, while the latest Maggs offering came about in under a week. Both have very beautiful things in them looking, we like to think, splendid in their respective titles…

Maggs Bros' latest mini catalogue

Maggs Bros’ latest mini catalogue

New accessories catalogue for the premium brand

New accessories catalogue for the premium brand

New furniture catalogue for the premium brand

New furniture catalogue for the premium brand

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