We are in no way fazed by the blank page. In fact, it thrills us. The endless the possibilities, the chance to change, a new start…

Flexibility is the key to getting the best results. We put together the perfect team of experts for your particular project and, in so doing, avoid wasting time and money. Our pool of staff are highly experienced and have worked at most of the big publishing companies over the years. What brought us together was our commercially savvy bent – the very quality that drew us into contract publishing (or, for our American colleagues, customer publishing). Or you could just employ the services of the Top Cat.

Using the industry-proven editorial and design tools we cut our teeth on, Cat’s Pyjamas will create a publishing solution expertly tailored to your organisation’s needs. It’s all very bespoke. But in an affordable way. To give you the most powerful marketing tool for your brand, we offer honesty and economy, excellent content, competitive pricing and measurable results to create a perfect fit with your communication strategy.

Contact us now on catspyjamaspublishing@email.com.