To the sea


This week we went to visit one of our clients – Settle – in Deal, Kent. Generally, we struggle to get south of the Thames, so it was something of an adventure… Two hours later, we rolled up at Settle HQ and mosied over to the new vintage emporium, Mileage, which was a picture of industry. The ex-foundry and motorcycle garage was being Farrow & Balled, upcycled and renovated goods were stacked high in the store room, and the delightfully retro ‘tea station’ was beginning to take shape. Settle will be selling upholstery (a little bit Squint but with more muted tones), upcycled lights (motor oil cans a speciality) and accessories with a difference – and an online offering will be following soon. In the meantime, they continue with their homemaking renovations – a cute terrace in Water Street was buzzing with builders and craftsmen who were bringing the vision of Settle’s owner, Martin Wharton, to life.

Mileage opens at 156 High Street, Deal CT14 6BG on 30th March, and all are welcome.  IMG_6291*IMG_0407 *IMG_6252