You want to tell your story. But even more pressing is the need make the ever-important relationship with your customer work harder. Which format will do that best for you? A digi-mag? A bespoke but affordable customer magazine? Sparkling content for your site? A social media campaign? Or does your brand tone of voice need an overhaul?

The case for the magazine
Today’s consumers are busy, sophisticated – and overwhelmed. But they still like to read magazines. Eight out of the top 10 magazines in the UK are customer titles and 79% of the UK reads them. Contract magazines are proven to work. They make the most of your customers’ time, reward them for their interest, build strong relationships, strengthen brand awareness and loyalty and give you more time with them.

What about digi-mags?
Print is undeniably powerful but it’s not right for every brand. More affordable and flexible is the next best thing – an online version. Digi-mags give you a chance to integrate audio, video, ordering and more. Plus, people are proven to be much more likely to click through to digital content from an email if directed to an ezine rather than to a website.

The social story
Communicating on the 24-hour-seven-days-a-week social circuit is pretty much crucial. We are adept at creating interesting stories to create a buzz around your brand. Whether you want to just dip your toe in or wage an all-out social media offensive, we can help.